HPC January 09 rotations

Photoshop in real life

I'm sorry, I can't remember where I saw this. But it's kind of neato burrito.

Local find: blu dot

Blu dot is a local Minneapolis based design company that is just avenues away from my house...good design.

Nice M you got over there.

HPC Song tut: Go (tell it on the...) VAMP/HOOK

For HPC musicians ;)
Eventually 8ths on the bass would be great.

Song tut: Go (tell it on the...) VAMP/HOOK from Courtney Feia on Vimeo.

Flickr pick 1

I'm going to post a design fave of mine each week from one of my fave groups on flickr.
Here is one from Network Osaka. I am a sucker for illustrated keys.

Here is a glimpse into midweek song planning @ HPC.


OK team, I’m feeling stoked about this set. Here is what I’m thinking for a Christmassy but outward focused message this Sunday.

All at the top:
Awesome is the Lord most high - Mandy - would you want to lead this one? [in E]
Cause then we could go right into...
Go Tell it On The Mountain – in the same groove [in E – can this tune be rocked out? I think so, I'll work on a couple lines for it]
Solution...by United [in D, the original key is B]
Your Grace Is Enough – lead by Kyle [in A, did I get that right Kyle?]

We will hard close and probably reprise Solution.

Dustin can’t be here afterall this week, so I am thinking that Michael – could you play electric and we’ll do 2 electrics this week? Because I’d love for you to learn the lead licks on all this stuff – most specifically solution. Then Kyle can play rhythm which will be nice for when he is leading and singing. Kyle is just itching to play electric aren’t you K? I think it’s awesome and I love it when we can go with 2 electrics. This is actually a really good set for it.

*Do any of you guys have an amp for a 2nd electric out of this bunch?

Keys ladies: I think for most of these tunes on the Motif we may use a rock organ, and on the Juno we’ll use big fat pads. But maybe on “Solution” there are a few punchy lead lines to follow the electric on, so I am thinking - Tegan, maybe I’ll send you something on that if you’re up for it and I’ll mix something up on the motif Sunday morning. That Juno just has too great of bright pads to ignore on Solution.

More charts and Utube links coming tomorrow after I finish arranging...
Let me know if you thoughts or questions in the meantime.


Christmas Essentials! Starting Dec 7th.

Christmas Essentials from Courtney Feia on Vimeo.

Concerto Table

If someone wants to buy me this...I'd be forever grateful. It only retails for 14,000. So ya right.
It's amazing. Work or eat, or both. Also comes in black. Complete with ipod docking station.
From lovegrove&repucci.

Carrot Clarinet

I saw this on swiss miss.
Check out multicolr a new handy tool for picking color from flickr's photo pools. Neato. This new tool is all over the blogosphere.

The church that glows together grows together.

I drove home late the other night from the office. When I got close to home, the park nearby had just finished some kind of event on the field. With all of the dust kicked up into the air, and the lights still on the place was glowing. It was so bright, and instantly drew my eyes in because everything else around it was so dark, and it was full of light. I had my camera in my bag, and felt like pulling over to enjoy.

This is how I want people to feel when they drive by our theater. Because of this:

(Matthew 5:14-16)

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

So here’s the challenge. What are you doing to share your light with everyone in the house? What are you doing to cause a ruckus, stir up the dust, how are you partnering with the church in its mission of becoming an un-ignorable glowing light for other people to see that points them towards Jesus?

Because we could be the church that glows.
I haven’t been blogging much lately, been busy, been out of town, now I'm going on a little holiday! I’m joining Kendall for two of his interviews later this week out on the east coast. We’re going to fly into JFK, then driving up to Hartford, CT for an interview, then drive back to NYC for the 2nd interview. We’ll have 1 day free to spend in NYC, (Saturday) and return to MSP on Sunday. Van Gogh is on @ the MoMA!!!, don’t know if I can get Kendall to bite on that one.

What should we do while we are in NYC? (And it’s got to be cheap.)

The Elephant In The Church.

Making its debut this November - here is our next sermon series...

The Elephant In The Church from Courtney Feia on Vimeo.

HPC Nov. Rotations

For friends and fam who want to see where and when.

• Mon, Oct 20th fly to Atlanta – 7:45a DELTA
Drive to BMGHM
6pm Dinner @ program director’s house (shuttle will pick you up from hotel)
Tues, Oct 21 – Interview @ BSU

• Thurs, Oct 30 fly to Philly – 10:05a NWA
Fri, Oct 31 – Interview @ Thomas Jefferson
Sat Nov 1 - return to MSP

• Sun, Nov 2 - Mayo Rochester
Dinner @ 6pm - Chesters
Mon, Nov 3 – Interview @ Mayo

• Sun, Nov 9 – fly to Phoenix
Dinner @ 6pm – Cantina Laredo
Mon, Nov 10 – Interview @ Mayo, Scottsdale, AZ

• Wed, Nov 12 fly to NYC (JFK)
Drive to New Haven, Thurs, Nov 13 Interview @ UConn
Friday, Nov 14 drive back to NYC – Interview @ New Hyde Park, NY

• Sun, Nov 16 Dinner @ Sally’s (U of M)
Mon, Nov 17 – Interview @ U of M Minneapolis

• Thurs, Nov 20 fly to Cali, Dinner in Loma Linda
Friday, Nov 21 - Interview @ Loma Linda, CA

****Friday, Nov 21 - Interview @ Mayo Jacksonville

• Sat, Nov 22 fly to Albany, NY (Dinner)
Sunday, Nov 23 interview in Albany *this one is a maybe

• Mon, Nov 24 fly to Denver
Tues, Nov 25 – interview @ U of Colorado

• Thurs, Dec 4 – fly to Chicago, Dinner @ Northwestern
Fri, Dec 5 – Interview @ Northwestern

• Sun, Dec 7 – fly to Miami (Dinner)
Mon, Dec 8 – Interview @ U of Miami

• Thurs, Dec 11 fly to Detroit
Fri, Dec 12 interview @ William Beaumont U

TO DO: 53 hours till AMPLIFY


Stop in rental place/bring tax ID form
Confirm crews/send quick job descrip.

Pick up:
Push lights $
Batteries $
Panels from theater
@ office: [lights/rugs/dots/signage/little tables/stools/plexi squares/clamp lights/spot light/lanyards/white vases?]
For vases $

Set up/building:
Clean floor
Get key for doors C & secure area
Rig screen
Rig side panels
Chairs arrive on Tuesday
Set up décor & instrumentation [rugs/chairs/tables/lighting/lighting truss/staging/décor/posters]
Media area
Outdoor spot light
Outdoor push lights
Entry area
Coffee area

Test projectors
Finish welcome video
Finish Amplify loops
Find someone to film
Make media shout script/load media
Upload mp3s for house mix to idisk
Get countdown video
Confirm crew schedule

Finish charts/books
Upload charts on CD/PRINT
SM logo for lanyards for crew
Reserved building area
“Enter here” sign
“COFFEE” sign

Finalize charts/keys/switches
Troubleshoot spots
Confirm songs/leaders
Program the keyboards
Final meet w/ T and E

Panels from theater
Lighting truss
Peanut table
Chrome tape
Both laptops
Video camera

Remember to travel light.

Ode to guitar center ghetto blasters.

I’ve been waiting to post about this phenomenon, but I can wait no longer.
I’ve been to GC about a thousand times in the last couple months keyboard shopping. It is not an easy task because I need the PERFECT machine w/ decent presets, a reasonable amount of user friendliness for my other keys players, at your fingertips knob twisting, and at least a little vintage flavor for this 2nd board. (My first board is now a motif es6 after selling the big beast es8 in order to get 2 boards) I should be much further along in my search for this keyboard. I should be done. But something keeps hindering my progress - guitar center ghetto blasters. It’s the guy(s) (always a guy) sitting in the corner, oblivious to the world around him, cap on head, pounding on the machine so hard that I can’t in the moment decide what’s worse, the fact that he has no respect for actual customers in the store, or the fact that he is going to play that same line for about 4 minutes straight. Always the same ear piercing decibel level, always the same punchy lead synth, always the same anger I feel when leaving the store.

Ghetto blasters, you know who you are. For the love of all that is sacred, please stop loitering at my local guitar center.

Wait for it...till about 1:02....here it comes, for 3 minutes straight.
Get ready.


Hmmmmm? I think interesting.
Via swissmiss.

HPC October Rotations

Hey all! Just click on the image below to pull up the bigger schedule.
Hi friends. Here are some pics of the changes we made to the theater 1 carts. The next time you are helping to tear down T1, Just look on the right door of each cart, and each compartment is labeled with a laminated diagram to show you what goes where. Everything has a nice little spot.

*Notes from Chad (Thanks Chad!)

This is an update of changes made to the setup of the stage. I will go through item-by-item so people can get a feel of what changes we have made and how to help tear down and set up. Please read through this so you can get a feel for what the changes are.

The goal for setup is to minimize any and all connections. The rule of thumb is this, if it can stayed plugged in it does. That means all microphones, monitors, and speakers that have cords running to it stay plugged in. The cords and the piece of equipment it is attached to get stored together.

I will start with the easiest and work to the harder.

Vocal Mics. ----- All vocal microphones stay connected to the cord they are attached
To and the microphone itself stays connected to the stand. That
means the cord, microphone and stand get put away together in the
bins on the microphone shelf.

Main Speakers ----- The Main speakers have a power cord and mic cable attached to them. The mic cable and power cable are zipped tied together so you roll up both cords and set them on top of the speakers. Nothing gets unplugged from the speakers.

Monitors ----- The monitors are like the main speakers. The power cord and mic cable are zipped tied together so. When tearing down, keep the power cord and mic cable plugged into the monitor. Wrap up the cords and place them in the bins with the monitor.

Guitar Amp ------ The electric guitar amp has a microphone attached to the front. Again like the speakers it also has a power cord zipped tied to the microphone cord. Wrap up both cords and place the guitar amp and cords in the bins together.

Bass Amp ----- The bass amp is just like the guitar amp with one difference. Instead of a microphone attached to it there is a direct box attached. Wrap up the mic cord and power cord and place all of them together in the bins.

Acoustic Guitar ----- The acoustic guitar is pretty simple. The acoustic guitar uses a direct box so; the mic cable stays connected to the direct box and gets put into the mic box. The acoustic guitar also has a ¼ to ¼ inch cable that gets used. That ¼ to ¼ inch cable is usually taken care of by whoever plays the guitar. If that cord has not been put away by the guitar person just put it into the mic bin.

Drums ----- Most of the time the drums are put away by the player. However if they have not been put away, this is what to do. Each drum has a microphone attached to it. Just wrap the mic cord up and place it on the drum. Do not take the microphones off the drums nor unplug the cord. Most of the drums have a place in the bins to be placed into. The drums also have cymbals. The cymbals get taken off and stored together in a cymbal bag. That bag gets placed into the bins as well.
With the drums is a table with the clicker on it. If that is up leave that for someone who plays the drums to take care of.

Stage lighting ----- The lights on the stage each have an extension cords with it. Do not unplug the lights from those extensions cords. Wrap up all the lights on the stage with the extension cords plugged into it. Place all the lights with the cords in the bins.

The Keyboards ----- The keyboards are by far a little more complicated. The power cord, mic cord, and monitor cord are all zipped tied together. That bundle of cords get wrapped up and placed on the keyboard in the bin. Along with that bundle of cords is a direct box. Again that gets placed into the bin on top of the keyboard. Now we have two keyboards so both are set up the same. Both have a shelf in the bin to be placed on. The rule of thumb for the keyboards is anything attached to the keyboards gets placed in the bins on it’s own shelf.

Music stands ----- All the music stands have a place in the bins. The bottoms of the stands get folded up and placed in the bins. The top of the stand does not get taken off.

Again the rule of thumb is this. Whatever can stay connected does. If you work with any of these items for setup please keep this in mind when you tear down.

Thank You.

Fun @ the film lab.

Haven't mastered chroma keying yet, but sure was fun trying.
Tonight we built a home-made green screen in my Connection Group.

Anti-theft lunch bag

No description needed. But if lunch theft is an issue for you - then use one of these.
I saw this over @ one of my fave blogs swissmiss.

Fire Fall Down [United]
Salvation is Here [United]
Song of Hope [Robbie Seay band]

Offering hook: Leaving on a jet plane
Connection Group plug
New series intro video [Traveling Light]

Closer - Song of hope

This post is part of Sunday Setlists over here.

Sunday Set 9.7

One Way [united]
Real [gateway]
Fire Fall Down [united]

Feature tune: One [u2]

Super fun set this week.

Thanks to Stoney and David for letting me pull from their fab designs for this series graphic.
This post is part of the Sunday Setlists party over here.

What are your creative habits?

What does your creative process look like? BESIDES the token answer "I make sure to change my atmosphere alot during the day, and creativity just sneaks out whenever it does so I flow with it". What are your real creative habits? I'm just curious.


What time of day/morning/night are you at your best?

In what coffee shops? What are you drinking?

Or in what area of your house? The porch? The office? The outside patio?

What are you sporting? Comfies or trendies?

What season of the year? Winter, spring, summer, fall...

What kind tunes are you listening to? or do they distract you sometimes from thinking?

Sunday set 8.31

Great day. Labor day weekend in Minnesota is always a little intriguing. I'm sure it is everywhere. Everyone and their mother has a cabin. (literally...because most lakeshore is still owned by their mothers) My cabin is anyway.

In spite of the holidizzle we had a good crowd. Pastor Tory's message was off the hook as he spoke about relationships on the first week of a 2 week series called "One". I found it very difficult to hold in the "GAFAWWW" as he shared differences in how men and women are wired differently. Good job T - we were all with you today.

The line-up:

Hanging by a Moment [Lifehouse]
One Way [United]
The Stand [United]

Offering - nice job Ike, laying down a funky fresh jive.
Closer from above

This post is also a part of a set list carnival over@ Fred McKinnon's blog. Thanks Fred.
Be in prayer for the areas that are going to be hit by Gustav.
But don't neglect to appreciate the surf forecast. You don't see
this condition very often for the coast of central TEXAS.
If anyone knows of any kamikazes riding closer to
the storm I want to hear about it. The FL panhandle is
6-10 ft tomorrow but fair conditions.
[from surfline.com]

Sunday 08/31 Monday 09/01

SURF: Flat and poor conditions.
SURF: 5-8 ft. - head high to 3 ft. overhead and good-epic conditions.

Minimal dribbles at best Gustav swell; offshore flow; biggest in the afternoon; possible bigger sets at standouts

Fall is totally here. Time for school, a new mailer, a new series, and a new influx of visitors. It’s an exciting time to be part of this amazing force called the church. Each week we’ve got another opportunity to be the first impression some people will have of Christ and THAT is why your role is so important. Say hello to a few new faces joining the team – if you haven’t worked alongside someone before make sure to introduce yourself and do whatever you can to show them the ropes.

Heads up on these items.

  • Emily N! Jumping on the set up team. Jacinta and Kelly – it’s an all out girls day down in the kids on Sept 27th. Show Em around.
  • Announcing Mrs. Moriah Sunde on the voxs rotation.
  • Theater 1 – keep an eye out for an official tear down changes sheet on the instrumentation you’ve been wondering about. Thanks for your patience while we continue to re-configure the carts for this area and make the process a little easier with each change.
  • ALL Keyboardists! Say goodbye to our beloved motif es8 – it has been replaced with a motif es6. (same exact keyboard, but smaller) The only thing you won’t like is that the keys are not fully weighted – but what you will LOVE is the option to play more because we are getting 2nd keyboard as well. I want to be able to accommodate those of you who would like to play more than once a month and also be able to experiment with more sounds as part of live worship (rock organs, lead patches, electronic sounds...etc) Stay tuned for more info on our 2nd board coming soon.

Thanks for all that you do.
Let’s rock for the flock.

Conduit Labs

I'm curious to see where these guys go. I've been getting invites [as I'm sure you all have] through facebook to participate in an online "game" called loudcrowd. Everytime I try to play it displays an error, but I really want to try it. I used to be obsessed with this video game in high school called bust a groove, or at least I think that's what it was called. Anyway, loud crowd is made by the guys over at conduit labs who are experimenting with and creating new ways for online social networking. I like.
Sunday was a great day! I love my team, and I love the trade in for the es6. Props to Tegan for being such a good sport on the new board. Recently I sold our Yamaha Motif es8 and am in the process of trading it in for 2 smaller units. I love the motif family, don't want to give that up - but with us being portable, there are better options for portability. So now we've got a Motif es6 and something new on the way that I haven't decided on yet. Stay tuned and I will post a recap of my keyboard search. I sure do love Nords.

Sunday Set

Awesome is the Lord Most High [Tomlin)] - Courtney
God of this City [Tomlin]- Courtney
Our God Saves [Baloche] - Kyle
Community Spotlight [a local ministry drive]
Volunteer Spotlight
Hard Close
Post Church Picnic

Sunday Set

All Because Of Jesus [Fee] - Courtney
God of this City [Tomlin] - Courtney
Blessed Be Your Name [Redman] - Kyle
Volunteer Spotlight [and surprise marriage proposal!]
Close [reprise w. Blessed Be Your Name]

Thanks Fred over @ the sunday setlist carnival here.

Ikea lovers.

View the full 2009 catalogue here.

Think it's real?
(via gizmodo)

Sunday Set 8.10

Today's lineup:



Thanks to Fred for the Sunday Setlists Carnival you can participate in here.

The Keyboard Napkin.

Invented by Valentin Engler, Marius Morger,
& Daniel Grolimund, this is a product I'd like to try.

Set List Archive

I'll try to post weekly from now on...but here are the July sets.
I'd LOVE to see yours!