A midweek team e-mail about a Sunday set.

Here is a glimpse into midweek song planning @ HPC.


OK team, I’m feeling stoked about this set. Here is what I’m thinking for a Christmassy but outward focused message this Sunday.

All at the top:
Awesome is the Lord most high - Mandy - would you want to lead this one? [in E]
Cause then we could go right into...
Go Tell it On The Mountain – in the same groove [in E – can this tune be rocked out? I think so, I'll work on a couple lines for it]
Solution...by United [in D, the original key is B]
Your Grace Is Enough – lead by Kyle [in A, did I get that right Kyle?]

We will hard close and probably reprise Solution.

Dustin can’t be here afterall this week, so I am thinking that Michael – could you play electric and we’ll do 2 electrics this week? Because I’d love for you to learn the lead licks on all this stuff – most specifically solution. Then Kyle can play rhythm which will be nice for when he is leading and singing. Kyle is just itching to play electric aren’t you K? I think it’s awesome and I love it when we can go with 2 electrics. This is actually a really good set for it.

*Do any of you guys have an amp for a 2nd electric out of this bunch?

Keys ladies: I think for most of these tunes on the Motif we may use a rock organ, and on the Juno we’ll use big fat pads. But maybe on “Solution” there are a few punchy lead lines to follow the electric on, so I am thinking - Tegan, maybe I’ll send you something on that if you’re up for it and I’ll mix something up on the motif Sunday morning. That Juno just has too great of bright pads to ignore on Solution.

More charts and Utube links coming tomorrow after I finish arranging...
Let me know if you thoughts or questions in the meantime.



James said...

...and this goes to show that you're far more organized than me!

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