What are your creative habits?

What does your creative process look like? BESIDES the token answer "I make sure to change my atmosphere alot during the day, and creativity just sneaks out whenever it does so I flow with it". What are your real creative habits? I'm just curious.


What time of day/morning/night are you at your best?

In what coffee shops? What are you drinking?

Or in what area of your house? The porch? The office? The outside patio?

What are you sporting? Comfies or trendies?

What season of the year? Winter, spring, summer, fall...

What kind tunes are you listening to? or do they distract you sometimes from thinking?


James said...

I'm going to do my best summarize my creative habits in one word:


What time of day? Anytime really, but probably at night. My mind starts to come alive just as my body is crying out for sleep. Inconvenient.

I'm not creative in coffee shops, but Starbucks rules unconditionally. I don't want to hear any arguments against that because there are no arguments against that. Zip it.

What area of the house? Mostly my office, but possibly also the living room. Or the car. The car is a frequent place of creativity and the 'voice memo' function on the BlackBerry gets used.

Sporting? Ummm...Converse All Stars?

Season? All year, but autumn is a favourite of mine.

Tunes? I tend not to think when I'm listening, but listening can give me an idea and then I turn off the music and work with it. Recently I've been inspired by Lifehouse, especially 'Broken' and 'Storm' off the newest album, and also All Star United's 'Love & Radiation' CD.

Collision said...

I would say that my creative habits are most stirred in conversations. It is usually the transfer and evolution of ideas through talking them out that proves the most creative for me.

I'm an evening/night thinker most often. I do some of my best work at Tijuana Flats actually- not sure if it is the hot sauces or the crushed ice. I am generally sporting trendy comfies- they are two qualifiers for my purchasing, so generally everything falls into both categories.

I find the first of the year to be my most creative- Jan-March. Oh, and I am usually listening to some piano/acoustic rock- that's my thinking jam.

This was fun to think about! Thanks!

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