Sunday set 8.31

Great day. Labor day weekend in Minnesota is always a little intriguing. I'm sure it is everywhere. Everyone and their mother has a cabin. (literally...because most lakeshore is still owned by their mothers) My cabin is anyway.

In spite of the holidizzle we had a good crowd. Pastor Tory's message was off the hook as he spoke about relationships on the first week of a 2 week series called "One". I found it very difficult to hold in the "GAFAWWW" as he shared differences in how men and women are wired differently. Good job T - we were all with you today.

The line-up:

Hanging by a Moment [Lifehouse]
One Way [United]
The Stand [United]

Offering - nice job Ike, laying down a funky fresh jive.
Closer from above

This post is also a part of a set list carnival over@ Fred McKinnon's blog. Thanks Fred.


Gary Durbin said...

Nice...I love The Stand...great anthem. Are things a little crazy in Minneapolis per the political convention?

Anonymous said...

First time to visit your blog. Love it! Will be back. Great set list.

Anonymous said...

Great setlist! Love that you did Hanging By A Moment! Cool. Also, love The Stand as well -- it's one of my favorites.

Fred McKinnon said...

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for being a part of Sunday Setlists! Hope to see you next week.

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Gary Durbin said...

I appreciate and get your compliment. I definitely strive for non-lameness. God has truly used me beyond my capability. All praise to Him for sure.

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