I haven’t been blogging much lately, been busy, been out of town, now I'm going on a little holiday! I’m joining Kendall for two of his interviews later this week out on the east coast. We’re going to fly into JFK, then driving up to Hartford, CT for an interview, then drive back to NYC for the 2nd interview. We’ll have 1 day free to spend in NYC, (Saturday) and return to MSP on Sunday. Van Gogh is on @ the MoMA!!!, don’t know if I can get Kendall to bite on that one.

What should we do while we are in NYC? (And it’s got to be cheap.)


Rachel On The Radio said...

eat at dojo in st. mark's place. it is delic and one of my fav's. also cheap. Dojo

14 W. 4th St., New York, NY 10012
at Mercer St.
212-505-8934 S
* Price Range: $

9.0 out of 10

* Cuisine: Asian: Southeast, Health Food, Vegetarian/Vegan

Lunch specials in Little Italy are really cheap, too- from 1am-1p.m. Take the train there and you will save big. Try not to use a cab if you can help it. If you get lost anywhere, call my cell or at home.
Big Nick's is also really cheap- pizza and all kindsa stuff with a bunch of Greeks- go to Columbus and 71 or 72nd or Broadway and 76 I think. Go in that general area and you will find a Big Nick's.
Art studios in Soho are free- go to those for a fun cultural exp. Stay away from Madison on the uppers if you want to avoid over priced food & activities.
Times Square TKTS booth for cheap show tickets.

Take care! Lemme know how it went!

Rachel On The Radio said...

I meant 11am- 1p.m. for Lunch in L.Italy. Oh, and you can rent a bike really cheap at 59th street Columbus Circle straight south from the fountain- a kind of "gate-like" building there.
Go to Grand Central, too- great shops there and some good deals. Even if just to people watch and check out for the experience.

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