HPC Sept. Rotations

Fall is totally here. Time for school, a new mailer, a new series, and a new influx of visitors. It’s an exciting time to be part of this amazing force called the church. Each week we’ve got another opportunity to be the first impression some people will have of Christ and THAT is why your role is so important. Say hello to a few new faces joining the team – if you haven’t worked alongside someone before make sure to introduce yourself and do whatever you can to show them the ropes.

Heads up on these items.

  • Emily N! Jumping on the set up team. Jacinta and Kelly – it’s an all out girls day down in the kids on Sept 27th. Show Em around.
  • Announcing Mrs. Moriah Sunde on the voxs rotation.
  • Theater 1 – keep an eye out for an official tear down changes sheet on the instrumentation you’ve been wondering about. Thanks for your patience while we continue to re-configure the carts for this area and make the process a little easier with each change.
  • ALL Keyboardists! Say goodbye to our beloved motif es8 – it has been replaced with a motif es6. (same exact keyboard, but smaller) The only thing you won’t like is that the keys are not fully weighted – but what you will LOVE is the option to play more because we are getting 2nd keyboard as well. I want to be able to accommodate those of you who would like to play more than once a month and also be able to experiment with more sounds as part of live worship (rock organs, lead patches, electronic sounds...etc) Stay tuned for more info on our 2nd board coming soon.

Thanks for all that you do.
Let’s rock for the flock.


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