Craigslist find of the day...

(I'm thinking...serial killer perhaps?)

FROM the free section of CL:

Let Me Play Chopin For You -- I'm Portable & Free

I am developing a series of 'performance lectures' focusing on the beautiful piano music of Frederic Chopin and the Paris in which he lived, circa 1844. For a limited time I am offering sessions free as I work to perfect the presentation.

I will come to you with my portable digital piano, an easel and all visual items -- all I need in an outlet for electricity. And yes, I will be performing Chopin's music live for you in your own home or wherever you choose to have me. Very, very few pianists would *ever* offer to do this for anyone, regardless of the price. But my passion for Chopin is such that I want to share it along with the incredible story of the city he called home and the people who lived there.

Hear about Franz Liszt, the Hungarian piano virtuoso who became the world's first 'rock star'; Victor Hugo, the French author who 'saved' the cathedral of Notre Dame by writing a novel about a hunchbacked bell ringer named Quasimodo; Eugene Delacroix, the Grandfather of the Impressionists whose paintings hang in the Louvre and which even influenced the design of the Statue of Liberty; Louis Daguerre, a former scenery painter for the Paris Opera House who went on to invent the photographic process that bears his name -- daguerreotypes!

I have a great deal to share, I just need a venue and an audience. Can you provide that?

This would make a great gift item or surprise event for someone who loves Chopin, Paris, history, the piano or just learning something new. I would prefer not to wander too far from the NW suburbs of Mpls. but can be flexible.

Please contact me to see if we can work something out.