HPC Nov. Rotations

For friends and fam who want to see where and when.

• Mon, Oct 20th fly to Atlanta – 7:45a DELTA
Drive to BMGHM
6pm Dinner @ program director’s house (shuttle will pick you up from hotel)
Tues, Oct 21 – Interview @ BSU

• Thurs, Oct 30 fly to Philly – 10:05a NWA
Fri, Oct 31 – Interview @ Thomas Jefferson
Sat Nov 1 - return to MSP

• Sun, Nov 2 - Mayo Rochester
Dinner @ 6pm - Chesters
Mon, Nov 3 – Interview @ Mayo

• Sun, Nov 9 – fly to Phoenix
Dinner @ 6pm – Cantina Laredo
Mon, Nov 10 – Interview @ Mayo, Scottsdale, AZ

• Wed, Nov 12 fly to NYC (JFK)
Drive to New Haven, Thurs, Nov 13 Interview @ UConn
Friday, Nov 14 drive back to NYC – Interview @ New Hyde Park, NY

• Sun, Nov 16 Dinner @ Sally’s (U of M)
Mon, Nov 17 – Interview @ U of M Minneapolis

• Thurs, Nov 20 fly to Cali, Dinner in Loma Linda
Friday, Nov 21 - Interview @ Loma Linda, CA

****Friday, Nov 21 - Interview @ Mayo Jacksonville

• Sat, Nov 22 fly to Albany, NY (Dinner)
Sunday, Nov 23 interview in Albany *this one is a maybe

• Mon, Nov 24 fly to Denver
Tues, Nov 25 – interview @ U of Colorado

• Thurs, Dec 4 – fly to Chicago, Dinner @ Northwestern
Fri, Dec 5 – Interview @ Northwestern

• Sun, Dec 7 – fly to Miami (Dinner)
Mon, Dec 8 – Interview @ U of Miami

• Thurs, Dec 11 fly to Detroit
Fri, Dec 12 interview @ William Beaumont U

TO DO: 53 hours till AMPLIFY


Stop in rental place/bring tax ID form
Confirm crews/send quick job descrip.

Pick up:
Push lights $
Batteries $
Panels from theater
@ office: [lights/rugs/dots/signage/little tables/stools/plexi squares/clamp lights/spot light/lanyards/white vases?]
For vases $

Set up/building:
Clean floor
Get key for doors C & secure area
Rig screen
Rig side panels
Chairs arrive on Tuesday
Set up décor & instrumentation [rugs/chairs/tables/lighting/lighting truss/staging/décor/posters]
Media area
Outdoor spot light
Outdoor push lights
Entry area
Coffee area

Test projectors
Finish welcome video
Finish Amplify loops
Find someone to film
Make media shout script/load media
Upload mp3s for house mix to idisk
Get countdown video
Confirm crew schedule

Finish charts/books
Upload charts on CD/PRINT
SM logo for lanyards for crew
Reserved building area
“Enter here” sign
“COFFEE” sign

Finalize charts/keys/switches
Troubleshoot spots
Confirm songs/leaders
Program the keyboards
Final meet w/ T and E

Panels from theater
Lighting truss
Peanut table
Chrome tape
Both laptops
Video camera

Remember to travel light.

Ode to guitar center ghetto blasters.

I’ve been waiting to post about this phenomenon, but I can wait no longer.
I’ve been to GC about a thousand times in the last couple months keyboard shopping. It is not an easy task because I need the PERFECT machine w/ decent presets, a reasonable amount of user friendliness for my other keys players, at your fingertips knob twisting, and at least a little vintage flavor for this 2nd board. (My first board is now a motif es6 after selling the big beast es8 in order to get 2 boards) I should be much further along in my search for this keyboard. I should be done. But something keeps hindering my progress - guitar center ghetto blasters. It’s the guy(s) (always a guy) sitting in the corner, oblivious to the world around him, cap on head, pounding on the machine so hard that I can’t in the moment decide what’s worse, the fact that he has no respect for actual customers in the store, or the fact that he is going to play that same line for about 4 minutes straight. Always the same ear piercing decibel level, always the same punchy lead synth, always the same anger I feel when leaving the store.

Ghetto blasters, you know who you are. For the love of all that is sacred, please stop loitering at my local guitar center.

Wait for it...till about 1:02....here it comes, for 3 minutes straight.
Get ready.


Hmmmmm? I think interesting.
Via swissmiss.