Frugal Fashionistas Unite

I get asked sometimes where I shop. I'm a bit of a clothes hound. It's currently on my mind because I get in the mood 
to splurge every time a vacation is near on travel savvy items that make me feel fantastic...what girl wouldn't. 
But by "splurge", I mean a whopping $20 bucks.

Let me premise this with the disclaimer that I have absolutely no qualms with the chick who drops $100 on a swimsuit for that upcoming trip, more power to you. I fully intend to do that somtime myself a time or four in my adult life, but for now, I enjoy being a thrifty lady. And by "thrifty", I mean I frequent the thrift stores. And that will probably never change because while I wouldn't mind dropping that $100 if it was my only option, that wouldn't be fiscally responsible of me right now, nor would it be as fun for someone like me who loves a great deal.

And let me double premise this with yet another disclaimer that I'm not talking TJ maxx here. If you want to talk about Target's clearance section this week or NY&CO's latest "half off all the time" sale, we're two birds of a different feather. I'm talking bring your facemask and don't make eye contact with the weirdos in line next to you "thrifty". This is the real deal.

So you still want to know where I shop? Here are 5 of my FAVE places: 

  • The goodwill OUTLET [yes there is such thing as a thrift store "outlet" but I can't give away its location if you're not already aware or I would have to kill you]
  • Plato's closet in R-ville [amazing jeans and you can buy a size down cuz' they're worn already]
  • The basement of the Salvation Army DOWNTOWN [gets all of Target's samples and home items...but I only bother to go on 1/2 off holidays 'cuz it's just way cheaper that day]
  • The Unique Thrift Store in Northeast [recently remodeled = way less stinky than the other ones]
  • The Chisholm Clothes Closet [this is a shout out to my home land...where Mrs. Bussey always lets me throw something extra in my "fill up a bag for $5" that doesn't always belong there. God love her.]

Here is my $20 splurge well spent. In a collage of sorts. Just for you.

gold jelly gladiators: $2 @ platos
gray suede boots: $14 @ platos
black and gold ruffle bikini (yes, with tags still on) $49 cents a piece @ goodwill roseville

The rest were bought at the goodwill OUTLET which prices their items at $1.50 a lb:
yellow AE cardi
tucker for target little printed T
simple racerback tank
black maxi dress
croc print bag
one of those overpriced "pink" hoodies from victorias secret
vintage nude leather and croc print wedge sandals

vintage geo print tie


Moriah said...

NICE JOB! I need to do more thrifting. It's been too long, and Target is too overpriced for me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Thank you. I've got the fever.

Corinne said...

love love love!
GW outlet rocks my socks. just beware of the glass at the bottom of the bins.

Andrea said...

You did great!!

Love, love thrifting and some of the stores you listed are my faves too in Minnie!

Anonymous said...

Funny you won't tell the location of the GW Outlet considering the existence of Google, where it can easily be found....

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